How MindView works...


General Approach

By reviewing a variety of information sources, asking customised questions and listening carefully, MindView garners different points of view from a myriad of stakeholders and data sources. The process is intended to be simple, collaborative and supported by sound methodologies, research and analysis. However this does not equate to boring and we aim to pilot creative tools when working with various audiences. Finally, we build your capacity to deliver an approach that is tailored to your organisation, the community and  the environment.


Working towards New Roles and Approaches

It is critical Donors ensure that they provide the capacity building required to help organisations and communities transform.

Staff must be seen as valuable sources of in house knowledge capable of spearheading change.

Corporates should lend their expertise and not just their finance to fuel innovation and accelerate development.

Communities should harness their non financial assets and ensure they are active participants in defining, delivering and monitoring community and environmental development using creative platforms/ multimedia

NPOs, NGOs and Faith based organisations  (FBO’s) will need to migrate toward more resourceful models and dig deeper in solving the issues that face humanity and our planet.

In addition, new social enterprises must be borne and sustained. Social enterprises which focus on addressing socio-economic  and environmental issues in a financially sustainable manner. Business for Good!

Ultimately, all citizens have a role to play based on mutual respect!!


What MindView prefers to avoid...

We avoid writing lengthy documents as most people never read these or struggle to implement. Neither are we fond of long PowerPoint presentations, which lead to drowsiness instead of organisational, community or environmental improvement.



“The Approach is not prescriptive. We will “feel out” your organisation... part of the process is based on science whilst other parts are informed by pure gut, based on years of experience. We enjoy collaborating and trying new approaches that are relevant to your circumstances using a variety of media and tools. We  do not dictate or subscribe to set models but we do believe in learning from them. Creativity, Open-mindedness, Respect, Enthusiasm and Flexibility are key and need not be sacrificed in our pursuit of Rigour.”







Making a difference is everyones’ business

“facilitating learning, change and development”