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MindView has experience in the Development sector and other sectors, in London and South Africa including:


Organisational Development

Organisational Assessments/ Reviews and Improvement, Change Management, Human Performance, Strategy


Impact Analysis and Knowledge Management

From Data Gathering to Knowledge Management, Impact assessment/ Project Evaluation including use of Multimedia



Social Entrepreneurship, Resource Mobilisation, Diversifying Income Streams, In-kind Contributions, Volunteer Management


Programme and Project Management

Implementation of Programmes, Monitoring and Evaluation, Communication, Programme Integration



Material and Tool development, Practical and Active Learning including Multimedia, Capacity development


Partnership Development

Community/ Partnership / Stakeholder Development


And many more



In Summary


“The MindView approach aims to provide integrated actions to solve challenges and therefore our services are not separate interventions but  are applied as a holistic response to the particular needs of the community, organisation/ business and the environment.”



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Lucille Ryan


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