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 Get it right Inside and Out


Integrating Organisational Development (internal) and Impact Analysis (external) is key. You are only as good outside as you are inside! Organisational development assists in aligning and integrating your strategy, systems, processes and  people. Impact Analysis should aim to be simple, concise, clear and participative providing valuable lessons, knowledge and wisdom to transform the organisation, the community, the environment whilst influencing policy, donor funding and highlighting potential income streams and the like.


Simple yet Effective!


Systems and processes must be simple yet achieve intended results!! The trend towards complexity particularly within Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), burdens the system and its people, resulting in reduced service delivery, learning and change. We help you keep it simple yet effective.


A Process is not once off!


This is a process and not a once off workshop. Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), Faith Based Organisations (FBOs), communities, donors, government and corporates, need to commit to the approach. The aim is also to help build your capacity so you do not get dependent on MindView services!


Sustainability: Building a social enterprise culture…


By developing a social enterprise culture we can start building holistic communities and sustainable businesses that aim to balance social, financial and environmental goals. Businesses for good!


Walking the Talk…


“You cannot teach what you do not know”... Trying to teach others to fish requires good fishermen/women! This requires Honesty, Empathy, Creativity and Respect….in Action not mere words!


Intelligence and Wisdom…


We aim to help you innovate; drawing on your in-house intelligence, impact analysis, community knowledge and cultural wisdom.



“facilitating learning, change and development”

Making a difference is everyones’ business